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A note to my visitors

I created this site thirteen years ago to ensure that an accurate history of Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour was available for those with a "desire to know'. I also hoped that it would help prevent some of the same mistakes that led to the chain's tumultuous times. After over a decade, however, the Internet has changed significantly, and other venues for such information have matured to the point where I believe this site is no longer needed. As a result, I will be retiring this site in January, 2017. I hope that the relevant history can be migrated to appropriate sites like Wikipedia, where it can be made available to all.


This site is dedicated to the history of an American Original. Learn all about Farrell's, from the first parlour (Portland, Oregon, 1963) to the most recently opened one (Riverside, California, 2012). If you want to discover other trivia items, click on the other Farrell's links to the left. Hey, you can even learn the words to the Farrell's Theme Song.

Ken and Bob at Lloyd Center

This site is developed with gratitude to the following:

  • Bob Farrell - the namesake who developed the concept of a 1905 themed ice cream parlour.
  • Ken McCarthy - the co-founder of Farrell's, who developed all those fountain concoctions you remember so well, and who developed the processes, procedures and structures that allowed the company to grow and prosper through the 1960's.
  • The Kirin Group of California - this company rescued the concept from the abyss of the Marriott Corporation by purchasing the master development rights in 1996.
  • Farrell's International - the current owner of the Farrell's trademarks and development rights operates four parlours in California.
  • The Ortman's - they operated Farrell's in the San Diego area for 38 years (longer than anyone else, ever).

The information contained within is based on my data, experiences, and interviews with other Farrell's personnel. I do not claim that it is 100 percent accurate; it is based on the best available information that I have.

I do update this site on a periodic basis as new information, pictures, or corrections come up. Don't be a stranger, bookmark this site and stop back soon.